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Noraker fills bone deficits using its bioactive glass

A French specialist in regenerative medicine, Noraker fosters bone reconstruction in patients who have undergone orthopaedic, spinal, maxillofacial or dental surgery. 

14 Jun 2021

Noraker specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing implantable medical devices based on synthetic biomaterials used in regenerative medicine to fill bone defects. 

The company – a spin-off from INSA Lyon in 2005 – produces bioactive glass (a mixture of phosphorus, calcium, sodium and silicon) to manufacture medical devices that stimulate bone regeneration.

“Our primary objective is to reduce patients’ pain and enable them to return to an active life as early as possible,” says Marc Dumas, the company’s Sales Director.

Noraker, which employs 25 people, earned €2.1 million in turnover in 2020 – 70% of which was generated abroad – and expects to double its results this year.  

The growth potential is significant, as each year in Europe, 1.6 million people undergo surgery following a bone, tendon or ligament injury, nearly 200,000 of them requiring repeat surgery. “With our technology, the repeat operation rate drops from 15% to 4%,” says Marc Dumas.  

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