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French Healthcare Booster 2024 – Germany

  • Digital health
  • MedTech
  • Pharma & Biotech

After a successful 3rd edition, Business France is launching the new edition of its French Healthcare Booster Germany program. Business France is supporting 11 French healthcare companies with the aim of helping them better understand the specificities of the German market, expand their network, and accelerate their development in Germany.

The 4th edition of the French Healthcare Booster Germany, an acceleration program dedicated to companies in the healthcare sector (medtech – digital health, and biotech), is divided into four stages:

  1. Selection by a jury of specialists with initial guidance and feedback on market fit, following the submission of the dossier. The jury consisted of 4 individuals from the fields of medtech, pharma, and digital health.
  2. From February to mid-April: Diagnostic and market analysis phase to define a strategy aligned with the company’s solution and the specifics of the German market.
  3. Kick-off day at the French Embassy in Berlin on April 8, 2024:
    The day consists of a Franco-German networking event preceded by a roundtable discussion on “The status and direction of digitalization in healthcare in France and Germany.”
  4. From April to late November: Active prospecting phase with identified partners for each company (examples of approached prospects: industrial companies, hospitals, distributors, KOLs, insurers, etc.).

French healthcare companies are promoted through the French Healthcare brand, an innovative public-private initiative aimed at bringing together all actors in the French healthcare ecosystem and promoting them internationally.

French Healthcare Booster Germany 2024: presentation of the 11 French participating companies

This year’s promotion is a reflection of French expertise and brings together standout companies in medical devices, connected health, and biotech:

  • ACKOMAS: Secures regulatory compliance and traceability of medical devices for patient well-being through its SaaS platform.
  • AXOMOVE: Develops digital health solutions to prevent and treat patients with musculoskeletal, neurological, or cardiorespiratory conditions.
  • BIOLOGBOOK: Harnesses the power of big data and its patented statistical method to provide healthcare professionals and researchers with tracking, detection, and prediction of early biological dysfunctions based on data. Provides dynamic and personalized tracking of laboratory test results to highlight early risk markers and suggest additional tests.
  • CAPTEUR PROTECT: A solution created by diabetics for diabetics. The COVER and UNDER CAPTEUR PROTECT patches are non-sterile, single-use medical devices used as a skin support or protection solution for blood glucose meters or insulin pumps.
  • COUSIN SURGERY: Specializes in implantable medical devices for visceral and spinal surgery.
  • HOPPEN: Develops a patient portal to increase operational efficiency for hospitals.
  • ID SOLUTION: Specializes in real-time and digital PCR diagnostics, operating in the oncology sector.
  • LIAISON VOCALE: Software editor of the Ello! solution, focusing on managing telephone calls for healthcare facilities.
  • UNITHER PHARMACEUTICALS: A CDMO active in rhinology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular, and pain management.
  • VALAB: Develops software with expert rules to make the post-analytical phase in medical laboratories more efficient.
  • RDS : develops MultiSense®, offering healthcare professionals a high-precision and multi-parametric solution to continuously monitor patients’ physiological parameters in the hospital or at home.  


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Xinyi CAO
Healthcare Project Manager

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