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DIGITSOLE, smart insoles for healthcare professionals

The French start-up has developed the PODOsmart® system to decipher the movement of patients and adapt the care strategy.

8 Nov 2021

World leader in connected insoles, Digitsole has developed a new product for the medical world. PODOsmart® is a system where smart insoles are used to gather data to decipher the movement of patients with different locomotor disorders, whether neurological, orthopedic, and age-related or sports.

The data is imported into the PODOsmart® web application allowing healthcare professionals to analyze the walking or running profile of their patients in real conditions, in the clinic or outside, on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

More than 700 professionals already use this technology around the world. A patient analysis is launched every 4.5 minutes worldwide.

The PODOsmart® insoles, a concentrate of technology for only 66 grams, are recharged by USB and have a battery life of 33 hours in active use.

Each PODOsmart® insole sensor has an inertial unit that records the movements and orientations of the foot in space and makes it possible to measure objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed to the naked eye.

This data is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms exclusively developed by Digitsole to recognize walking steps, running strides and other activities. These algorithms then allow PODOsmart® to calculate the spatio-temporal, kinematic and biomarker parameters that display in the application interface.  

The results are translated into clinically useful and easily interpreted data enhance the practitioner’s examination so that he can propose the most appropriate treatment.


Digitsole is now present in 41 countries and is currently participating in more than 30 clinical studies worldwide. After its 3 flagship products for the general public,Digistole Walk Active, Digistole Run, and Digistole Warm Series, insoles for runners and walkers,  Digitsole developed five new products, and is about to conquer the medical world thanks to its dedicated equipment, including Digitsole Pro® who obtained recently the CE marking of medical devices.

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