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WhiteLab Genomics speeds up the discovery of genetic drugs

Thanks to its digital platform, WhiteLab Genomics can drastically shorten research and development times for drugs based on DNA and RNA technologies. 

6 Oct 2021

Based on computer and artificial intelligence technologies, WhiteLab Genomics speeds up the discovery of drugs and significantly reduces their development cycles. The human genetic code offers 3 billion possible combinations. Developing a drug, therefore, requires a lot of time, trials and failures. “We noticed that there is no very robust solution in terms of software and simulation tools available to these companies,” explained David Del Bourgo, CEO.  However, the data is there. We just have to gather it and use it in an optimal and targeted way. 

“With artificial intelligence and computer technologies, we are now able to help players to optimise drug discovery and development through better use of available data,” said David Del Bourgo, CEO of WhiteLab Genomics. 

The proprietary platform performs comprehensive analysis and processing of scientific, technical, biological, genomic and experimental datasets. It simulates in silico, i.e. in the machine, the effect, toxicity and construction, to optimise the design and development of the drug. The software adapts to customer projects by working on the drug gene (DNA or RNA) and/or on the biological vehicle envelope (to transport it to the organ to be treated). This then ensures greater efficacy and success in the pre-clinical and clinical laboratory phases. 

In this exponential growth market, the fledgling company launched in February 2019 is attracting a lot of international interest. Hence its partnership with the University of California of San Francisco, which earned it the nomination for the Prix Galien Medstartup in the category “Best cooperation in the biological pharmaceutical industry”. In this case, the study is focused on brain cancers and is based on an advanced technology using genetics. 

WhiteLab is a company specialising in biological and 100% digital drugs, which distinguishes it from other market players. By the end of the year, it will open an office in Boston and raise funds to expand. 

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