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Seenel Imaging partners with EMS Medical and comes to Italy

The spin-off of the Inserm U1105 laboratory in Amiens has just entered into an exclusive agreement to distribute MedelOpt in Italy, as the first phase of an ambitious international development plan.

1 Apr 2022

Seenel Imaging brought MedelOpt to the market two years ago. This neuroimaging device applied to neuroscientific research consists of a headset that records brain function or dysfunction. When Thomas Fontaine, Seenel’s founder and CEO, explains his device to novices, he keeps things simple by describing it as a “portable functional MRI machine”.  

Unlike conventional functional MRI machines, which are very large and expensive, MedelOpt’s biggest strength is that it monitors patients in a real-world environment, in everyday conditions. “We offer greater mobility,” explains Thomas Fontaine. “What’s more, our headset is upgradeable, the density of the sensors can be changed, and it can be used both in children and adults.” 

MedelOpt features two types of technology, EEG (electroencephalogram) and NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) to measure hemodynamic or vascular activity. When the subject is walking or counting, for example, the entire brain activity process is analyzed. 

“This partnership with EMS Medical is a key factor in the firm’s ability to expand into other markets – including Italy, which is a very dynamic market – before also moving into Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States in 2022,” says Thomas Fontaine, Seenel’s founder and CEO.

Seenel’s main clients are university labs or hospital university labs that carry out neuroscientific research focused on psychology or sports science, or any research on neurodevelopment. They retrieve the data collected by the headset in a format compatible with any open-source software. 

Seenel has now set its sights on the international market and has begun by forming a partnership with EMS Medical. “They have the expertise and a solid network of laboratory-based clients. They have the technical and business capability needed to represent us in Italy,” says Thomas Fontaine.  

Seenel Imaging is also raising funds to ramp up production of its headset. The startup plans to raise €500,000 by this summer, mainly from Bpifrance and various business angels.

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