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Oncology : mapping of French expertise and know-how

The French Healthcare Association and Business France present the first edition of the map of exportable French solutions in the field of oncology. Innovation and excellence in prevention, screening, care and follow-up for cancer patients have finally been brought together in a single document.

17 Jun 2022

Cancer is one of the main causes of death worldwide. But it is also the leading cause of avoidable deaths, since it is currently estimated that nearly half of cancer deaths could be prevented. This explains why the French Healthcare Association is, for the first time, proposing a map of French oncology solutions in order to make innovation and excellence in oncology available to as many people as possible.

Exportable human and industrial expertise

French cancer plans, which have existed for 20 years, are models of mobilization for all methods of intervention, from research to patient care, aimed at reducing mortality from preventable cancers. 

Thus, France, by creating a favorable ecosystem designed to face up to the challenges of developing individualized medicine, remains at the forefront of progress.

Twelve of the eighteen French cancer centers, that are working to further this ambition are ranked among the best specialist oncology hospitals in the world. Two of these hospitals are ranked in the top 50: Gustave Roussy 5th and the Institut Curie 31st. French experts also have access to leading-edge global know-how which ensures that they can assess a country’s oncology requirements and offer it support in its implementation of a national cancer control strategy. They can also “transpose” a care organization, with such things as cross-departmental cancer units, molecular diagnostic platforms, etc.

As training in oncology is a strategic tool designed to improve the quality of care, France shares its know-how via a range of training courses for international professionals in its most prestigious hospitals and institutes (Institut Curie, Hôpital Foch, etc.).

The French healthcare industry offers exportable industrial solutions in a wide range of fields such as drugs, medical devices, telemedicine and information systems. 

French research in oncology – globally renowned

France benefits from the presence of world-renowned academic, industrial and clinical operators, such as Inserm, which is ranked 9th most innovative research institute in the world. France also makes available to researchers, academic research teams and healthcare manufacturers, a dynamic ecosystem supported by various grant and funding mechanisms and tax incentives.
A vibrant cancer research activity, that is evident by the quality and quantity of publications that enable France to rank 2nd in Europe and 4th worldwide for clinical trials in oncology!

International patient intake

Cancer is the leading pathology for international patients being treated in France. As a result of its highly demanding quality and safety certification system for healthcare establishments, the creation of the website which describes the treatments available in France, and the implementation of the “French Hospital Quality” label for establishments that accept foreign patients, France is able to offer a benchmark health system among OECD countries in respect of access to care. It ranks 5th in the world with regard to the quality of its healthcare infrastructure.  

France’s commitment to fighting cancer is supported by all those players that deal with this pathology, and international visibility is at the heart of all the actions implemented – research, patient care, development of new drugs, technologies, training and support for patients.

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