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RareSim, SimforHealth’s newly-created platform

SimforHealth, a publisher that specializes in digital simulation solutions designed to train healthcare professionals, has launched a new platform for rare diseases and just announced a partnership with the Imagine Institute.

18 Nov 2022

SimforHealth was established in 2015. It first launched its MedicActiV platform, which has already been used to train 150,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, in 18 languages. Another platform, called RareSim, was created in September 2022. It targets rare diseases with the aim of reducing the diagnostic odyssey. The first indications are skull defects and neurological disorders.

The tool is completely free and has been developed as a result of the support from a number of laboratories: Ipsen, Novartis, Pfizer and Takeda. It was designed as part of the call for projects “Improving screening and delays in diagnosis” supported by Coalition Next.

RareSim is intended for general practitioners and specialists, in both hospitals and private practice, and for all care providers involved in the care offered to patients with rare diseases.

Caregivers are immersed in a 3D universe in which they need to take the right decisions. They are faced with virtual patients just as in real life, and are able to discuss matters with them, access their medical records, carry out a clinical examination and follow them up over several consultations depending on how their pathology evolves. Two digital simulators are already available. “We are a bit like the Netflix of medical training,” Jérôme Leleu, Founder and CEO of SimforHealth joked. “The fact that you are involved in your training means that you learn much better.”

“RareSim was created because training is the poor relation of rare diseases despite the strong demand. It is the only digital simulation platform on the market that offers such depth and has the support of both public and private partners. This tool will help general practitioners and specialists alike, during their initial and continuous training, to ensure that they can constantly improve their understanding,” Jérôme Leleu, Founder and CEO of SimforHealth.

In France alone, 3 million people suffer from rare diseases. The diagnostic odyssey may last several years. This free tool available to doctors offers “a twin approach,” the CEO continued. “Our objective is to raise doubts in the minds of doctors, so that they consider whether their patient is suffering from a rare disease. Then, subsequently, they can look for symptoms by carrying out clinical examinations.”

In early October 2022, the startup officialized its collaboration with the Imagine Institute (AP-HP, Inserm, Université Paris Cité), the leading worldwide research, care and teaching center, for genetic diseases. The Imagine Institute will manage content creation for the simulation platform, and SimforHealth will be responsible for the technical aspect. Together, they are currently working on a dozen projects designed to enhance the platform. “This work with Imagine is correlated with the work we are doing with 23 rare disease networks,” Jérôme Leleu added. RareSim is therefore subject to change.

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