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BIO-Europe Spring 2021 - Transgene

9 Jan 2021

Lung cancer liver, ovarian, breast, colo-rectal, cervical, prostate or other cancers… Despite screening and recent therapeutic progress cancer in all its forms continues to kill, nearly 10 million people each year throughout the world and 19 million new cases in 2020. However, a recent approach is offering new hope :immunotherapy.

Every day, Transgene pushes back the boundaries of innovation, its expertise in biotechnology is recognized worldwide. Its vocation : using viruses to fight cancer. Ensuring that the stimulated body is able to defend itself again. Its revolutionary method : Transgene integrates gene sequences (or transgenes) into viral vectors. The viruses are turned into weapons capable of killing directly or indirectly abnormal cells. The viruses serve as vaccines !

Several of the products developed are currently in Clinical Trial : Myvac, a platform against ovarian cancer. A drug tailor-made for each patient thanks to AI. A highly targeted drug with fewer side effects. With the TG4001 vaccine against cervical and anal cancer, Transgene achieved very promising results in 2020 : in 35% of patients, the tumour shrank or even disappeared. With current treatments, only 15% of patients respond positively. The trial is continuing in 2021 with more patients.

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