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9 Jan 2021

Over the last 30 years, antibodies have emerged as incredible therapeutic tools to treat cancers, auto-immune and infectious diseases. Such treatments take years to reach patients. Reducing drug conception time can save a lot of lives.

This is precisely the expertise of the French biotech company MAbsilico. Thanks to a combination of computer-based and biological approaches, MAbSilico provides AI-driven solutions for the discovery of antibodies in just days, compared with approximately 29 months for a conventional discovery. It’s 500 times faster and it’s safer! The AI-based technologies are validated and improved in their wet lab facility to generate a product ready for market.

In this fast-growing market, more than 30 pharmaceutical biotech companies already trust MAbSilico. In 2021, the Tours-based company hopes to achieve great success as it ventures into the US market.

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