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Lamidey Noury, the electrosurgery specialist

Lamidey Noury, the electrosurgery specialist

A participant in Arab Health for more than ten years, Lamidey Noury specialises in electrosurgery and will be presenting its new Plasma EDGE solutions, dedicated to urology and gynaecology.

14 Jun 2021

Founded in 1947, Lamidey Noury has built up true expertise in deploying high-frequency power electronics and is developing innovative instruments and solutions designed to improve patient comfort during surgery. 

This year, the company will present its flagship products, including an all-new generation of its Plasma EDGE system dedicated to urology and gynaecology. 

Plasma EDGE’s bipolar resection system enables deep tissue coagulation without charring, which prevents post-operative bleeding complications and makes it possible to significantly reduces the length of hospital stay for the patient. 

Drawing on its expertise in energy and instrumentation, the company has formed a partnership with the Dex Surgical robot specialising in minimally invasive robotic surgery. This innovative solution combines several miniaturised cutting-edge technologies to speed up patient recovery, while providing a degree of comfort to the surgeon during the operation.

Already established in the Middle East and Asia, the company generates 70% of its turnover abroad. Innovation is at the heart of their bipolar resection system for urology and gynaecology. The company aims to establish it as one of the world’s leading technologies in the field.

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