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A connected medical T-shirt enables patient monitoring in real time

A connected medical T-shirt enables patient monitoring in real time

Chronolife offers remote medical monitoring solutions, in the form of connected clothing, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor their patients in real time.

14 Jun 2021

Since 2015, Chronolife has been offering digital health services to meet professionals’ demands. The start-up most recently launched KeesenseTM (CE Class IIa), a connected, fully machine-washable T-shirt that makes it possible to collect data on multiple physiological parameters – electrocardiogram, heart rate, thoracic and abdominal respiration, skin temperature, physical activity and pulmonary impedance. 

The Keesense solution offers accurate round-the-clock patient monitoring, and makes it possible to anticipate possible deterioration in their condition, while improving their quality of life,” explains Emma Bertin, Marketing Manager at Chronolife.

The data collected are processed and analysed by partner company TMM Software, a remote medical monitoring platform that processes qualified alerts in real time, thus bringing about rapid therapeutic decisions. 

Chronolife, which has its headquarters in Paris, a subsidiary in the United States and sites in Germany, Denmark and Italy, is currently seeking FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for its Keesense solution. Concurrent to this, Chronolife’s teams are planning the launch of the clinical study that will make it possible to validate the capabilities of the patented HOTS algorithm in predicting cardiac decompensation, in order to combine it with the Keesense solution.

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