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HypnoVR treats pain and anxiety differently!

The start-up has developed a virtual reality medical hypnosis technology aimed at patients requiring anesthesia, but also caregivers.

8 Nov 2021

Twelve million anesthetics are performed in France each year. A total of 60 to 80% of patients present with anxiety before undergoing surgery. However, stress increases opioid use and its side effects, promotes certain postoperative complications, and increases hospital stay times.

Over a third of anesthetized patients suffer side effects (nausea, vomiting, etc.) or complications that are sometimes serious and can be life-threatening (cardiorespiratory or allergic risks). 

Designed by two anesthetists and hypnotherapists, HypnoVR is a virtual reality (VR) medical hypnosis solution for patients before, during, and after medical surgery to reduce the use of anxiolytics and analgesics. It allows patients to benefit from digital therapy with proven clinical efficacy in over 15 studies. 

HypnoVR reduces stress, anxiety, and pain, allowing better management before, during, and after treatment.

“HypnoVR can replace general anesthesia in some surgeries, allowing the use of local anesthesia that is less invasive for patients,” adds Nicolas Schaettel, co-founder and CEO of HypnoVR.

It reduces the stress levels of healthcare staff and safeguards their psychological welfare by improving their self-confidence, helping them to manage their fatigue, and preventing burnout.


With many awards for innovation and a proven solution, the start-up already equips 240 healthcare establishments and continues to expand its activity in Europe, the United States, and Hong Kong. 

HypnoVR has many applications: anesthesia/resuscitation, radiology, odontology, oncology, surgery, dental care, gynecology and obstetrics, chronic pain, and many more.

On December 7, 2021, the startup announced that it has raised €4.5 million ($5.1M) in series A funding.

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