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HOPPEN acquires Aklia

The HOPPEN group took over Aklia at the start of the year. Half of hospital patients in France now have access to its digital and in-person support services.

24 Feb 2022

Following the takeover of Télécom Services and Cinéolia in 2019 and 2020, the HOPPEN group is continuing its growth strategy with the acquisition of Aklia, a specialist in hospital multimedia. HOPPEN is now one of Europe’s leading providers of phygital support during the patient pathway. 

The e-health solutions developed by HOPPEN facilitate patient care before, during and after hospitalization. Phygital support combines digital technology with the presence and expertise of HOPPEN’s in-hospital teams. It provides patients with a range of solutions adapted to their digital abilities. “It’s quite an original approach which ensures all patients have access to services,” explains Managing Director Sébastien Duré. 

These include in-room entertainment and multimedia systems, phygital concierge services and other general services, therapeutic content, and tools for communicating with the hospital (ordering meals and cleaning services, reporting adverse events, etc.) from pre- to post-hospitalization. HOPPEN is also extending its services to address current issues in hard-pressed, understaffed hospitals that are having to perform more and more same-day surgery. 

“By taking over Aklia, we are expanding our geographic footprint in France to include a further 2.5 million patients and growing our capabilities so that we can continue to roll out our innovative solutions,” says Sébastien Duré, Managing Director of the HOPPEN group.

The group now employs over 600 people and is present in over 600 hospitals. Half of all patients have access to its support solutions every year. 

By relieving hospital staff of certain tasks, HOPPEN enables hospitals to focus on their core activity, providing care, and to allocate more resources to clinical teams,” explains Sébastien Duré. For example, providing patients with touchscreens to order their meals saves healthcare staff an average of three hours a day altogether. 

HOPPEN has just been named top of the FT120 list of the most promising digital startups, for the second year running. The FT120 program is aimed at businesses with the potential to become global Tech giants of the future.

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