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Guerbet artificial intelligence applied to the pancreas (scanner images): detection of suspicious signs of cancer such as dilatation of the main pancreatic duct or the presence of masses.

Guerbet takes a majority stake in Intrasense thus becoming a major actor in AI applied to medical imaging

International medical imaging specialist Guerbet has become the major shareholder in Intrasense, which continues to operate as an autonomous entity. Intrasense will incorporate the algorithms developed by Guerbet and other partners into its diagnostic assistance tools for radiologists.

Guerbet artificial intelligence applied to the pancreas (scanner images): detection of suspicious signs of cancer such as dilatation of the main pancreatic duct or the presence of masses.
25 Jul 2023

Guerbet and Intrasense formalized their partnership on June 21, in Montpellier, at a press conference in the Intrasense offices. The operation, which has already been made public, was carried out in two phases. First, in January, via a reserved share capital increase by Intrasense in favor of Guerbet. The global specialist in contrast media and medical imaging solutions then announced a tender offer, which was recently finalized. Guerbet now holds 56.46% of Intrasense’s share capital.

After the end of its collaboration with Merative in 2022, Guerbet was seeking a new partner to market its AI solutions. “The Intrasense solution was very attractive to us as it offers an ergonomic solution to incorporate AI into the day-to-day work of radiologists with a multi-organ solution that gives radiologists the possibility of interacting with the results of AI, which we felt was crucial to the task of monitoring cancer,” said François Nicolas, Vice-President R&D of Guerbet and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intrasense. He added, “We are complementary and share a joint vision. We are keen to focus on diagnostics and cancer monitoring in order to make a difference for radiologists and their patients.”

I am delighted with this partnership, which opens up a major new chapter on Guerbet’s strategic artificial intelligence road map. Over recent years, we have developed innovative algorithms which will be fully usable within the Intrasense software platforms, designed to incorporate AI into the clinical routine of imaging specialists. For its part, Intrasense will benefit from unique visibility via our global sales network, and in particular an enhanced presence at major medical imaging conferences,” David Hale, CEO of Guerbet.

Intrasense is a well-established player that has designed the software platform Myrian, an advanced visualization solution for radiology currently used by over 1,000 health facilities in 40 countries. It facilitates and secures diagnosis, decision making, and therapeutic treatment using all types of images (MRIs, cat scans, etc.). Myrian is seamlessly integrated into the workflow of radiologists, like a native tool. The algorithms developed by Guerbet to detect liver lesions, prostate and pancreatic cancers, and bone lesions will involve seamless integration.

This investment and business alliance represents valuable support and a growth accelerator in the short, medium, and long term for Intrasense. The benefits of the funding provided, the synergies resulting from our licensing agreement, and the co-promotion of our solutions with Guerbet will create excellent opportunities for us to achieve our ambition, namely of becoming an international leader in medical imaging software, in order to offer users increasing value and thereby contribute to saving lives,” Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense.

In terms of governance, the company, although majority-controlled by Guerbet, will remain independent. The two companies have signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement. Intrasense solutions will continue to be marketed and branded under its own name, while incorporating Guerbet technologies.

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