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French HealthTech, a thriving sector

In France, innovation has become more vital than ever in addressing healthcare challenges.

25 Apr 2022

Having rolled out hundreds of medical innovations during the pandemic, France’s HealthTech sector is showing strong growth and unquestionable maturity, thereby forging itself a promising future.

In 2021, French healthcare startups secured a record €2.3 billion, almost 50% more than in 2020.

“This strong performance stems from the growing organization of the sector, its attractiveness in light of the Covid-19 health crisis and the public policies introduced to support healthcare innovation in recent years,” explains Franck Mouthon, President of France Biotech.

These policies in support of healthcare innovation are an essential component of the “France 2030” investment plan unveiled by French President Emmanuel Macron last October, with €7.5 billion having been allocated to the healthcare sector, including €400 million to create pioneering medical devices.

Key aims include supporting the creation and development of businesses in the sector, while promoting the reindustrialization of France in the healthcare segment; and propelling French HealthTech into the future, through concrete objectives and large-scale investment, thereby enabling the creation of sustainable employment areas.

HealthTech firms account for over 10,000 direct jobs, with 79% of these businesses having recruited new staff in 2021. In 2022, no fewer than 2,000 additional recruitments are planned to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow, mainly in R&D and production.

The main development focus of this cutting-edge industry is on biotechnology products. In Europe, 40% of these products are in clinical development and their innovative mechanisms of action offer a real hope of treatment for some patients. As such, France must redefine its position in the biotechnology product segment. It aims to increase production by 5% to reach 20% by 2030. The “2025 Biotech Plan” has four main objectives:

  • To develop a five-year forward view of the biotechnology sector.
  • To identify the impact on organizations, as well as challenges and human resource requirements.
  • To define initial and further training needs.
  • To establish guidelines and an action plan on jobs and skills.

The creation of the PariSanté Campus is also an integral part of President Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to “make France a global leader in digital technology in healthcare.”

The new center is intended to stimulate production, research and the use of health data.

France is climbing steadily up the digital health rankings; new, highly dynamic businesses are being created and their inventiveness is admired worldwide,” says the Director of PariSanté Campus enthusiastically.

It is all of these policies and commitments that make France an innovation leader in the healthcare sector.

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