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Superbranche: a leader in nanomedicine

Superbranche helps drugs companies to diversify the offer of early diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer.

10 Jun 2021

Late diagnosis of severe cancer and inability to offer focused treatment condemns many people to needless pain and premature death.

To support pharmaceutical and nanomedicine R&D, Superbranche is an independent, competitive and innovative partner. The startup is positioned as a producer dedicated to the synthesis of architectural nanomaterials, the simplest possible, and of controlled size.

It manufactures nanotechnological materials for everything from diagnosis to therapy, which allows for the monitoring of cell therapies.

At the heart of its innovation: the conception of dendronized magnetic nanoparticles to establish an early diagnosis and a targeted therapy to reduce side effects and lead to personalized medicine.

Superbranche’s expertise is strategic for nanomedicine.

Winner of the “2019 i-Lab Grand Jury Prize” for its remarkable project and part of the “100 startups to invest in in 2021” according to Challenges Magazine.

It’s a startup that will master the entire value chain, from production to the marketing of clinical nanomedicines. This ability will benefit the patient because the industrial value is redistributed to the final user.

It is a collective interest to produce the drugs and medical devices of the future.

Superbranche will be one of the leaders.

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