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Expo 2020 Dubai: Conference on the challenge of cardiometabolic diseases

14 Apr 2022

Stéphane Commans, Scientific Director of IHU ICAN, presents the foundation for innovation in cardiometabolism and nutrition.

IHU ICAN is developing the medicine of the future in the field of cardiometabolic diseases (CMD) and nutrition, by bringing together researchers, clinicians and physicians in order to create an adapted and increasingly personalized patient pathway.

By having scientists and physicians work together, by promoting exchanges and bridges between the worlds of research, hospitals and the medical industry, the IHU ICAN will encourage the growth of an attractive industrial healthcare ecosystem,

Objective: improve the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, which are the leading cause of deaths worldwide with 30% of fatalities (diabetes, obesity, non-alcohol related hepatitis).

Personalizing prevention and the treatment of patients

By phenotyping each patient’s risk with greater precision, risk prediction will be personalized and will allow us to individualize the care and prevention strategy to improve patient comfort.

As a result of deep learning and artificial intelligence, hospitals are on their way to a technological revolution:  gathering health data, sharing clinical research results, and aggregating data are key to improving artificial intelligence. But to do this, a lot of scientific work is being carried out to enhance, anonymize and segment data in order to be able to use them in deep learning.

IHU ICAN breaks down barriers between different medical disciplines, such as engineering, data science and artificial intelligence. Precision medicine has been achieved after twenty years of research, by the creation of a platform designed to improve the diagnosis of heart attacks by the use of algorithms. (European Maestria project).

The United Arab Emirates needs innovative tools to treat cardio-metabolic diseases, the IHU ICAN is keen to develop partnerships with hospitals and research institutes in the UAE.

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