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Expo 2020 Dubai: Conference - Getting medical treatment in France

France has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. A high level of expertise provided by healthcare professionals, and numerous partnerships between university hospitals and research institutes, ensure that the care offered is at the cutting edge of the latest discoveries.

14 Apr 2022

France is the leader in cancer treatment

The François Baclesse cancer center in Normandy receives 28,000 patients a year, and is one of the three centers in France that offers innovative and targeted therapy – proton therapy. A beam of proton radiation reduces the toxicity of the treatment, thus rendering the treatment more effective and reducing the risk of secondary cancer.

(Lambert Montevecchi, International Relations Advisor, François Baclesse Cancer Center in Caen)

France facilitates the treatment of foreign patients

The website (links to be included at the time of online publication) accessible in French and English, allows foreign patients to discover which French healthcare facility best suits their needs. Traveling to France for treatment means that your case will be handled quickly and you will benefit from very high standards of care. (Jean-François Gendron, President, French Healthcare Association)

Of the 90,000 annual stays at the Saint-Joseph hospital group in Paris, approximately 900 are foreign patients, who are treated by a multilingual medical team and via teleconsultations prior to staying at the hospital.

(Jean-Patrick Lajonchère, Managing Director, Saint-Joseph Hospital Group)

C3 Medical is a medical insurance services company that, in particular, offers to optimize the cost of care abroad for employees of, or those insured by, its clients, from prevention to coordination and including a medical concierge service to handle the logistics of the stay.

(Jérôme Soistier, Managing Director, C3 Medical)

French embassies can connect patients with healthcare facilities, facilitate the identification of eligible patients through a network of trained doctors in the Gulf,  help families organize their stay in France, and extend visas to 9 months in the event of long-term treatments (cancers).

(Guillaume Huart, Managing Director, Orpea Middle East)

The Bealy teleconsultation application offers employees of member companies access to the excellence of French caregivers from anywhere in the world. The medical team is made up of certified and qualified doctors. Confidentiality, encrypted communications and secure document exchange are guaranteed.

(Adrien Rebot, Managing Director, Bealy)

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