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Expo 2020 Dubai: Conference - Digital health for underserved areas : the French disruption

French innovations, such as digitization, artificial intelligence, and teleconsultations with clinical examination, are numerous in the field of e-health and could revolutionize patient monitoring in rural areas.

14 Apr 2022

EchOpen has developed a portable medical device for conducting ultrasounds anywhere in the world using a portable sonograph (ultrasound) connected to a smartphone for video feedback. Two thirds of the world’s population do not have access to imaging tools, 70 million practitioners could make use of this device, which is ten times cheaper than the devices currently available on the market.

(Mehdi Benchoufi, EchOpen Co-founder)

Enovacom places the smartphone at the center of the patient/caregiver digital relationship, by providing secure data sharing, in order to improve the continuity of care.

(Simon Chassain, Sales Director, Enovacom, Orange Group)

Access to care is limited in the French countryside. H4D has created the first connected medical office, in the form of a consultation booth incorporating sensors, and measurement and analysis tools, which can be used by the patient to carry out a teleconsultation with clinical examination. H4D stations can be used to diagnose ENT, osteoarticular and pneumological diseases, in urology, dermatology and psychiatry. 99% of patients are pleased with the service. H4D also offers training for practitioners in the use of its stations.

(Franck Baudino, Managing Director, H4D)

With 19 million teleconsultations reimbursed by Assurance Maladie in 2020, and 10 years leadership in this field, France has genuine expertise that it is keen to share. TLM360 provides the financial, technical, and legal infrastructure for the long-term growth of high quality teleconsultations, and is making its expertise available to develop teleconsultations in other European countries, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

(Robin Ohannessian, Managing Director, Telemedicine 360)

The Quantiq application can be used to transform a smartphone or tablet into a medical device. By filming yourself for 20 seconds, the app will deduce constants such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and soon blood pressure or saturation. It works with all skin colors.

Alain Habra, Managing Director, Quantiq)

PariSanté Campus brings together 3,000 experts from over 100 e-health start-ups, in collaboration with 4 research institutes, with the aim of accelerating the growth of the e-health sector. 

(Professor Antoine Tesnière, Director of PariSanté campus)

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