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Atout Care, the assistant that lightens the mental workload of nurses

The application developed by Speech2sense saves home-based caregivers an hour and twelve minutes per day on average.

22 Nov 2021

Atout Care records a wide range of patient information in one secure place, such as blood sugar levels, wound healing progress, new building entry codes, etc. It is a more reliable and comprehensive solution than the pen and paper that private duty nurses have used up until now. 

The application developed by the Lille-based firm is not only able to convert voice recordings to text, but also extract relevant data from the recordings. For a little under €30 per month, nurses can download the app from the store and use it to record written information and photos.

“Our solution saves nurses time _ an hour and twelve minutes per day on average _, lightens their mental workload and provides unparalleled data security,” says Philippe Miécaze, co-founder and CEO of Speech2sense.

Nurses see large numbers of patients every day. It is vital that a clear and comprehensible report is made after every visit. “There are three stages in all,” explains Philippe Miécaze, co-founder and CEO of Speech2sense. During the visit, the caregiver needs an easy, flexible system for recording information. They then check the information, confirm it is correct, and share it, so that the following day’s rounds can be adjusted to accommodate unforeseen situations.” 

The caregiver can record the patient’s vital signs (blood sugar, temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, etc.) and list their medication if they have a chronic health condition. This is particularly useful for elderly or seriously ill patients. They can also describe the progress of a wound or injury and assess the mental state of Alzheimer’s patients for example. Day after day, week after week, this information will be entered into the care chart and the patient’s medical record. “Everything is automated, clear and tracked” says the CEO to sum up.  

The final version, which was launched on June 15, 2021, was developed with the input of more than 200 nurses. An English version is due to be released in 2022. 

The app is also attracting attention from other healthcare professionals (physiotherapists, midwives, etc.), psychiatric units, care coordination facilities (such as nursing homes), and medico-social institutions (EHPADs [residential care facilities for dependent elderly people], home care organizations, home hospitalization providers, etc.).

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