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9 Feb 2023

For the first time this year since the start of the healthcare crisis, the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and all fringe events, were able to take place face-to-face. “It is THE unmissable event in North America for French businesses, whether major brands or healthcare startups, particularly if they are trying to obtain funding,” said Ludmilla Potiron, Healthcare Trade Advisor for Business France, present at the conference in the company of four other colleagues.

Although the keynote speeches at the Conference are reserved for a chosen few only, upon invitation, the “off” program is, for its part, very busy and very popular. To set itself apart and attract US partners, the French delegation had the advantage of a dedicated space, at the Café Bastille, in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Named the “French Healthcare Corner”, this base camp was worth its weight in gold, at a time when premium prices were being paid for even the smallest space!

One month before the JP Morgan conference, the 27 businesses that made up the French delegation were able to follow a preparation masterclass to allow them to better find their way around this large-scale international event, to understand the program and the various opportunities that were available to them.

In addition to not having to worry about logistics – breakfasts and lunches were planned on site -, the French healthcare startups had the benefit of animations planned by Business France, for three days, from January 9 through 11. On the first evening, over 150 French and US players (investors, healthcare businesses, pharmaceutical companies, business developers…) gathered together to network around cocktails.

“The US healthcare market represents practically 50% of the worldwide market in terms of revenues. As a result, any French businesses that are keen to develop internationally cannot afford to neglect it. And to penetrate this market, that is both complex and promising, having the support of a US investor is a great help. Business France makes such contacts easier,” Jérôme Revole, Director of the North American Healthcare Sector at Business France.

“Lunch and learn” information sessions were organized every day, for supported businesses, to ensure that they understand the subtleties of the US market, based on the direct advice of specialists in investment, location and tax, American regulations or intellectual property. Seven foreign trade advisors also provided advice and mentoring to the businesses present.

Business France had deployed considerable, multichannel resources to ensure the visibility of the French delegation. A social network campaign was carried out and a dedicated catalog provided to target and attract North American businesses, which are very busy over this period. The strengths and dynamism of the scientific, medical and industrial community of the French healthcare ecosystem were highlighted, along with its tax advantages, the massive healthcare investments provided for in the France 2030 Stimulus Plan… and of course the contacts of the French businesses that had made the trip to San Francisco.

For eight businesses who had requested it, Business France had carried out research ahead of the event and arranged around forty face-to-face meetings with qualified investors, to enable them to advance their fundraising strategy.

The French Healthcare Corner was supported by five sponsors – the law firm Dentons (the largest law firm in the world), French Tech Boston, the life sciences business LallianSe, the intellectual healthcare sector property specialist ICOSA, and Orcom US, a US consulting, accounting and tax services firm, which specializes in helping to set up businesses and develop French subsidiaries in the USA.

For future conferences, the French delegation is again expected to have access to a dedicated space. Business France is also considering making available a paid partnership platform set up by partner operators of the conference, which supported businesses would be able to organize meetings with US investors and experts. The 2024 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference will take place from January 8 to 11.

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