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eCential Robotics enters into a partnership with Spineart to improve spine surgery

eCential Robotics enters into a partnership with Spineart to improve spine surgery

The Grenoble-based medtech that specializes in surgical robotics will make its open surgical robotics platform available to Swiss spinal implant company Spineart.

31 Jan 2023

The partnership between eCential Robotics and Spineart, which was made official at the end of 2022, will allow the system designed by eCential Robotics to be adapted to the Swiss company’s spine implants. The system combines robotized 2D/3D imaging, real-time navigation and robotics for the operating theater, and helps surgeons carry out their procedures. “The robot complements the imaging functionalities and offers surgeons increased accuracy,” said Laurence Chabanas, eCential Robotics Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager.

eCential, the 2018 winner of the Bpifrance i-Nov competition, was created in Grenoble, in the French Alps, in 2009. The medtech company obtained the CE mark in 2017 for its system’s 2D/3D imaging and navigation technological tools; the robotics arm is currently applying for the CE mark. All the elements of the platform have been granted FDA certification for the US market.

Spineart is a Geneva-based company that manufactures implants for the spine, to enable minimally invasive surgery. It is acknowledged as a pioneer in disc prostheses, the simplification of surgical procedures, titanium 3D printing and the traceability of surgical implants. Its range of implants, which is sold in Europe and the USA, covers a wide spectrum of pathologies, in particular bone degeneration caused by aging or a trauma, and spinal deformations (scoliosis in children and adults for example). The implant will consolidate the spine or straighten any deformations.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Spineart, a robust and fast-growing partner, which enables us to develop and market the equivalent of the smartphone for medical robots. Thanks to our “open” strategy, eCential Robotics is already collaborating, and will intensify its partnerships, with several technology companies and implant manufacturers to associate our platform with diverse 3D imaging devices and proprietary applications,” Stéphane Lavallée, eCential Robotics CEO.

From the very first discussions between the two companies, it was clear that there were synergies that were achievable. “The combination of our open platform and Spineart’s implants will allow the creation of surgical applications specifically for the spine,” said Laurence Chabanas.

eCential Robotics’ open platform “aims to work with a maximum number of companies, to enable them to benefit from our robotics technologies and offer robotized applications designed to highlight their own specific features,” she continued. In addition to Spineart, the startup is collaborating with ChoiceSpine (USA) and SIGNUS (Germany), which also specializes in the spinal column, and Amplitude Surgical (France), which works on other indications.

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