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9 innovative startups were presented with awards at the E-health Trophies

Spotlight on French healthcare ecosystem researchers and startups rewarded for their innovations in June 2023.

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23 Oct 2023

BiPER Therapeutics received award at the Boston Biotechnology Summit

On June 4, BiPER Therapeutics won the vice-champion award at the Boston Biotechnology Summit. The startup is developing a whole pipeline of molecules that target the global metabolism of cancer. It is already preparing clinical trials. BPR001, its lead compound, is a first-in-class. This is the first small molecule therapeutic in its category targeting BiP, an oncogenic protein shown to have a critical role in cancer through the modulation of the endoplasmic reticulum stress.

The Fondation Force supports ten research projects

Based in Alsace, in eastern France, the Fondation Force promotes innovation in technologies, organizations and behaviors in all areas of healthcare, within its territory. In mid-June, it announced the ten winning companies of its second annual call for projects, which was this year focused on e-health and precision medicine. In total €920,000 euros were awarded.

  • SOUNDUCT MDS1, by Sounduct, allows the deaf or hard-of-hearing to once again have high-performance hearing through its non-invasive, non-destructive bone conduction hearing, combined with AI.
  • POLADERME is a tool that assists with dermatological diagnosis. It focuses on developing learning methods (Artificial Intelligence) using images collected by a dermatoscope with polarizing filters, in several wavelengths.
  • MORPHEE 3, by the University Hospitals of Strasbourg, aims to finalize the development of an expert system, in the form of an Intelligent & Safe Medication Dispenser (ISAMED), designed to help patients manage their medication when it is prescribed on an “as-needed” basis.
  • ARPA (Alsatian Robot for Percutaneous Ablation), by the IHU (Institut de chirurgie guidée par l’Image), is a new robotic device equipped with a software system that provides planning, execution and confirmation under a real-time electromagnetic tracking signal for ablation therapies. It is designed to reduce the number of tomograms during the procedure, improve accuracy, use real-time guidance adapted to spontaneous or ventilated breathing thus avoiding the need for apnea, and considerably reduce the duration of the procedure.
  • BRAINSCORE COMA, by Braintale, aims to assess the impact of the real-life use of brainScore-coma to obtain medical and economic data and support the development of this solution regionally and nationally, in post-cardiac arrest and post-cranial trauma patients.
  • MANO VR, by HypnoVR, is a single-center, comparative, randomized, open-label study that examines the effect of virtual reality hypnosis on patient-reported quality of postoperative recovery after hand surgery.
  • GeoNomy addresses the difficulties encountered when interpreting ultrasound films as a medical imaging examination, by building an application capable of automatically interpreting the image from any ultrasound scanner, in real time, without changing the normal procedure.
  • DIAGNODENT is an AI-based virtual expert, designed to help with pre-diagnosis, in order to facilitate referral to expert centers. Developmental dental anomalies often express genetic diseases, and have a diagnostic or even predictive character.
  • PILOTEX, by Defymed, aims to evaluate a delivery device (ExOlin®) with a perihepatic diffusion procedure that not only improves insulin absorption and bioavailability, but also ensures safety with regard to the risks of infection, as the device is surgically implanted under aseptic conditions.
  • TUS COBOT, by Axilum Robotics, aims at real-time robotic control, in position and force, of an ultrasound transducer for brain stimulation, thanks to a coupling technology that measures contact pressure, and a neuro-navigator dedicated to guiding the transducer’s position by MRI image. This project is developing support for transcranial ultrasound (TUS) brain stimulation.

E-health Trophies awarded to nine startups

On June 27 and 28, the 24 E-health Trophies finalists came to defend their projects in front of a panel of experts, at the 17th edition of the Université de la E-santé, managed by Castres-Mazamet Technopole. 9 companies were honored in 10 categories, including 4 special awards.

  • The Grand Prix du Jury : I-Virtual
    I-Virtual improves access to health and well-being via remote monitoring and clinical examination solutions. Caducy, its first product, measures physiological variables by video selfie, in order to improve the possibilities of remote patient monitoring.
  • The Business Model Trophy: Cdiet
    Cdiet provides an effective, systematic response to one of the most costly public health problems, undernutrition. A preventive service, it offers personalized, remote nutritional support from specialist dieticians.
  • The Internet Users’ Trophy: EANQA
    EANQA is a patient referral service that allows people to quickly find the psychologist who meets their needs and expectations.
  • The Sustainable Development “Coup de Coeur” Trophy: MonOrdo
    MonOrdo makes it easier to track and manage the treatment administered to French citizens, with home delivery, pharmaceutical advice and automated renewal management.
  • Autonomy category: my-own-voice, by Acapela Group
    my-own-voice is a web-based service designed to make it easy for individuals to create a synthesized voice, with or without the support of a speech therapist.
  • Healthcare professionals & caregivers Category : Legit.Health
    Legit.Health has developed a tool for patients and healthcare professionals designed to speed up the detection of skin pathologies and to assess their severity. It uses AI to increase patient independence, control and quality of life.
  • Big Data AI Category: Avatar by Octopize
    Avatar is an innovative technology that overcomes the problem of research data availability by creating anonymous synthetic data.
  • Digital Therapies or Digital Therapeutics (DTx) category: C2CARE
    C2CARE allows patients that are suffering to benefit from VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy) from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Structures-health and medical-social establishments Category: Ivanae Medical
    Ivanae Medical is a non-contact, non-invasive solution to continuously monitor the respiratory function, thus improving patient care in the hospital.
  • Patients and Internet Users’ Award Category: EANQA
    The startup publishes a platform that offers psychological support.

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