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Lise Alter Director of Medical, Economic and Public Health Evaluation at the Haute Autorité de santé (French national health authority)

25 Healthcare businesses take part in French Tech 2030

In total, 125 winners will, for the course of one year, have the benefit of an unprecedented support program set up by the French Tech mission, the Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement, the Agence de l'Innovation en Santé and BPI France.

Lise Alter Director of Medical, Economic and Public Health Evaluation at the Haute Autorité de santé (French national health authority)
4 Oct 2023

The French Tech 2030 program was announced on February 20, 2023 by French President Emmanuel Macron. The aim of this initiative is to increase the support offered to around one hundred businesses that are currently developing breakthrough innovations across all the objectives of France 2030, and that are expected to become national or even world leaders in their field.

842 applications have been received. 125 winners were selected instead of the 100 originally planned, in all areas (agriculture, ecological transition, digital technology, new frontiers, healthcare and education). The names of the 2023 businesses were unveiled on June 14 by Roland Lescure, Minister for Industry, and Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, alongside Clara Chappaz, director of the French Tech Mission.

The Agence de l’Innovation en Santé (AIS) was involved in shortlisting the healthcare startups capable of making France a sovereign European leader in healthcare innovation – one of the aims of France 2030 – and of counterbalancing the current situation in which the French healthcare sector is 95% dependent on biomedical exports. In total, 25 healthcare businesses were named as winners. They operate in priority sectors as identified by the French government – biomanufacturing and biomedicines, emerging diseases, digital health and medical devices.

“In a highly competitive environment, the French Tech 2030 program is designed to find the champions of tomorrow, in line with the priorities of the France 2030 stimulus plan and, I hope, in the healthcare sector. It aims to offer them every opportunity to expand and increase their impact in France and internationally, help them gain access to the market and become our future unicorns,” Lise Alter, director of the Agence de l’Innovation en Santé (AIS).

The winning businesses will benefit from tailor-made non-financial assistance, in addition to existing calls for projects and programs operated by BPI France. For healthcare, in addition to the initiatives of the French Tech Mission, the Agence de l’Innovation en Santé will, via its three-part support program (priority access, out-of-framework, scaling up), provide these businesses with individual and collective support on strategic issues, such as commercial development in France and internationally, financing through France 2030 programs, intellectual property strategy, or regulatory issues (clinical trial authorizations and evaluation with a view to reimbursement and market access).

In order to apply, startups had to be in the pre-industrialization or industrialization phase, with reasonably mature projects that were close to being scaled up. 69% of the winning businesses own at least one factory or have a factory project, in France or abroad.

At the end of 2022, French Tech Health20 was launched to offer support to 21 promising healthcare companies. This is a program in which the Agence de l’Innovation en Santé also participates by offering its sector-based expertise to the winners. Here again, the winners selected show that they have the potential needed to meet the same objective of accelerating innovation in order to bring about France’s technological, industrial and healthcare sovereignty. The AIS was launched in November 2022 as a key part of the “Innovation Santé 2030” plan. It oversees the implementation of the healthcare element of France 2030, in conjunction with the relevant ministries and operators.

The healthcare award winners are:

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