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OptimHal Laboratory

OptimHal Laboratory

9 Jan 2021

Some 10% of the world’s population suffers from respiratory failure and this number keeps increasing. Most aerosolized treatments are delivered using a holding chamber. But the efficiency of the holding chamber is the main problem of the cure. To solve this problem, the OptimHal Laboratory is designing and manufacturing medical devices to optimize the lung deposition of medicine.

Thanks to a reinvestment of up to 30% of its revenues in research and development, OptimHal never stops innovating! The Normandy-based company will soon present two new devices: DigitHal®, which makes inhalation chambers smart, and LabiHal®, a non-intrusive probe to detect and diagnose apnea among infants and premature babies.

In 2021, OptimHal will rely heavily on these innovations to conquer markets in Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam) and the US.

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