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French Healthcare Days Latin America 2022

  • Chronic diseases
  • Covid-19
  • Digital health
  • Hospital
  • Infectious diseases
  • Oncology
  • Pharma & Biotech
  • Research & Innovation

The French Healthcare Days 2022 will focus on the management and supply of products dedicated to the accompaniment and treatment of illnesses suffered by the elderly and/or dependent persons.

In the context of the general aging of the world’s population, the need for long-term care is increasing. It is predicted that by 2050, the number of elderly people unable to care for themselves will increase fourfold in developing countries. Many very old people lose the ability to live independently due to reduced mobility, frailty or other physical or mental problems such as degenerative diseases mostly related to age. Many require some form of long-term care, which may include home or community-based care and daily assistance, nursing home placement and extended stays in medical facilities.

Participating Company Profile:

Medical furniture: controlled ergonomic beds, ergonomic and wheelchair adaptable tables, pierced chairs, toilet booster chair, etc.

Mobility solutions: stair lifts, transfer chairs, lift chairs, etc.

Daily assistance accessories (usable in the patient’s home but also in professional centers such as retirement homes, hospitals, medical offices, etc.): anti-slip pads, support bar, dressing aid, grip aid (arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle weakness, etc.), alert system (detector for the presence of a disability). ), warning systems (water leak detector, smoke detectors for the visually and hearing impaired), talking objects for the visually impaired (talking kitchen scales, blood pressure monitors, connected clocks and watches), clothing adapted to tetraplegic people (leg covers, mittens, raincoats, ponchos with back opening, etc.).

Medical devices for monitoring/diagnosis, particularly for the following pathologies: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

E-health: Monitoring applications (taking medication, controlling sugar levels, blood pressure, temperature, oxygenation, etc.), patient monitoring applications (directly intended for doctors), teleassistance (remote alarm in case of fall, fainting), teleconsultation platform (general practitioner, tele-expertise, medical orientation).

Specific food supplements

Key Figures


French companies from the health sector


Guests in person


Participants connected to the digital platform


Countries : Mexico, Colombia and Argentina


Day of round tables and conferences


French and Mexican experts


Hybrid event : 

  • 8:30 am HM / 3:30 pm HF: Official opening of the Franco-Latino Health Day
  • 08:40 am HM / 3:40 pm ET: Institutional presentation of cross-actions between France, French subsidiaries and the Mexican government
  • 09:15 am HM /16:15 pm HF: The Silver Economy in Mexico: state of play, needs and vision of the public and private sector for the future
  • 10:15 am HM / 5:15 pm ET: Pitch session of the participants – face to face or via video for virtual participants
  • 10:45 am MT / 5:45 pm PT: Presentation of the French Healthcare Association – President
  • 11:00 am MT / 6:00 pm ET: Session 1 – Homecare and medical home in Mexico (round table)
  • 11:45 am HM / 6:45 pm ET: Pitch session of the participants – face to face or via video for virtual participants
  • 12:15 pm MT / 7:15 pm ET: Session 2 – The silver economy market in Latin America (round table)
  • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm MT: Networking between participants and lunch break
  • 3:00 PM / 10:00 PM ET: Success stories of French companies in the sector in Mexico – Club Santé Mexique
  • 3:30 PM / 10:30 PM ET – Session 3 – Improving living conditions and the future of the Silver Economy in Mexico (round table)
  • 4:30 PM / 11:30 PM ET: Closing of the event – Networking between participants


Pascaline LEON 
Head of health sector Mexico
Business developer in health Mexico 

Cassandra LEROY 
Business developer in health Mexico
Jacqueline CHAUPART
Business developer in health Colombia 

Business developer in health Argentina

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